Employment Services


Community Employment Services

Genesis Employment Services is a job placement service that specializes in matching people with disabilities to employment opportunities in the community. The objective of the multi-step program is to identify vocational interests, strengths and barriers; to learn job-seeking skills; to develop a support network of family, friends, and professionals; and to find and keep a job in the community. Employment Services staff assist each person in obtaining employment in the community matching their interests, abilities, and needs. Individuals receive instruction in job-search techniques, appropriate interviewing skills and how to successfully maintain a job.
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 Facility-Based Employment

Genesis Development’s Facility-Based Employment offers a variety of opportunities for individuals to improve their work skills. Emphasis is placed on assessing the current level of performance and providing structure and training. Using a team approach, the individual is assisted with basic work skills including attendance, promptness, safety, respect for property and appropriate personal hygiene. Productivity is increased with attention to listening to and following directions, increasing performance with repetition of tasks, displaying initiative and attending to tasks. Interpersonal skills such as honesty, accepting correction and direction, requesting assistance and working with others are also developed.

Employment Planning and Development Services

A variety of services fall within this category, including Community Work Site Assessments, Career Exploration, Job Shadowing Assessments and Facility Work Site Assessments. These services assist the client and the team in determining vocational options, direction, work skills, work habits and behaviors, work pace, accommodations, goals and training strategies. The purpose of Employee Planning and Development is to enhance the client’s ability to find and keep a job. Work Adjustment Training is a program that remedies negative work habits and behaviors, improves work tolerance and develops strategies to improve an individual’s ability to maintain employment. Job Seeking Skills Training teaches strategies necessary to find employment.

Social Security Benefits Counseling

Genesis Employment Services offers social security benefit counseling for individuals employed in the community.  Benefit counseling includes expanding the use of social security work incentives, individual training to help individuals track their own benefits, and advocacy for those needing help in discussing concerns with their social security office.