Genesis Continues to Look Toward the Future with Changes to Facility-Based Work Centers

Genesis Development started in 1973 as the Greene County Sheltered Workshop with a building at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Forty-four years later, Genesis has thirteen sites across central Iowa and is serving over 3000 individuals with disabilities and helping them to integrate into their community.

With more and more individuals living, working, volunteering and recreating in their communities, Genesis has continued to look toward the future and made some big changes in facility-based work centers. Genesis has had four major work centers across central  Iowa. These are the recycling center in Boone, promotional printing and can redemption in Storm Lake, Custom Boxes Online and recycling center in Jefferson and Genesis Development Textiles in Indianola.

In the past, these work centers were used as a training ground for members as they learned work skills and trained for community employment. Now, due to the success of our Employment Services programs and other federal initiatives (like Employment First), fewer and fewer people are working in these facility-based programs. The lack of individuals to work led to Storm Lake’s can redemption closing over a year ago and Boone’s recycling center closing earlier this year.

This past summer, the Board of Directors of Genesis Development decided to continue with the forward progress and close the promotional printing work center in Storm Lake. Custom Boxes Online in Jefferson and Genesis Development Textiles in Indianola will remain open and will be re-evaluated next year.

Genesis Development continues to move forward by integrating our members into their communities. The closing of these facility-based programs is a positive because it means that more of our members are in community-based work and that is what Genesis is always striving towards.