Fundraising Corner: Are Your Affairs in Order?

Are Your Affairs in Order?

How important is having control of where your money goes after you’re no longer on this earth? Are there causes that are important to you that you want to include in your estate planning?   Making decisions now about what you want to do with the assets you have  accumulated during your lifetime will allow you to provide for your loved ones and leave the legacy of your choice. Maybe you have the basics covered, but more than a will is usually needed to fully protect your loved ones and your wishes. You may want to consider taking these steps to ensure peace of mind for yourself and financial support for your family and your favorite causes.

Review and update your will or living trust every three to five years or after big life changes like marriage, death, divorce, birth, adoption, or moving to another state. Both tax law changes and life changes can have an effect on your existing estate plan.

Choose an executor or trustee for your estate and name a power of attorney to handle your affairs should you be unable to do so.

Create a living will to guarantee that your wishes are known regarding extraordinary measures for keeping you alive.

Evaluate your insurance program regularly to assure that it meets your changing needs.

Be aware of what your investments are doing. Your finances can determine your future. Consider taking advantage of the annual gift tax exclusion which for 2017 is $14,000 if single or $28,000 if filing jointly to each person you wish to gift. These gifts are nontaxable.

Make a gift to your favorite charity or cause. Great tax benefits exist for those who give to a qualified charitable organization, such as Genesis Development.

There are many charitable donation  options available to you that would not only benefit Genesis and the people served by Genesis, but can also provide a substantial tax benefit for you. A gift to Genesis would enable you to help us unleash the potential in a great many people and change their lives in ways that they’ve only dreamed of.

Seriously consider investing in the mission of Genesis Development, the people with disabilities that we serve, and the future of this organization.

In addition to cash donations, Genesis is prepared to accept gifts of property, securities, life insurance, excess retirement funds, and vehicles.