Month: March 2017

New Services at Hope Wellness Center Complete Their First Quarter

The Hope Wellness Center has been in operation for almost two years. They continue to serve people with both crisis management and transitional living needs. However, they are continuously adding services to serve the people in partnership with the Heart of Iowa Community Services Region. These services are the Mobile Crisis Response Team and the Crisis Hotline.

The Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) is a Genesis Development program which provides       emergency crisis assessment and intervention services to residents of Audubon, Dallas, Greene, and Guthrie counties in conjunction with law enforcement. The Mobile Crisis Response Team can be contacted though 911 or local law enforcement dispatch offices.

The MCRT program is designed to assist police officers in the Heart of Iowa region when responding to a call that includes individuals undergoing a potential mental health crisis. These calls can include: suicidal thoughts/attempts, strange or bizarre behaviors and uncontrolled panic or anxiety.

The Mobile Crisis Response Team is dispatched by the police department to the scene where the police officers and individuals are located. Each MCRT member is a mental health professional and trained in crisis assessment and intervention to provide these services (when  dispatched by police) regardless of the individual’s insurance status. The Mobile Crisis Response Team is on-call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

April marks the end of the first quarter for the new Mobile Crisis Response Team. The MCRT has been dispatched and responded to 20 calls in the Heart of Iowa Region assisting police officers dealing with individuals having a mental health crisis.

The Heart of Iowa Region Crisis Hotline is a Genesis Development program which provides counseling, crisis service coordination, information, referral, and linkage to services and crisis screening via telephone to residents of Audubon, Dallas, Greene, and Guthrie.

Each call at this 24 hour hotline is answered by a trained mental health professional with knowledge of local resources and aid. In addition, every  caller will receive a follow-up call within 24 hours after the initial call.

A crisis occurs when you need help to cope with what is happening in your life. Hope Wellness Center is here to help.